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Central Valley Entertainment Systems is headquartered out of Fresno, CA and has a team of experts to help our customers make informed decisions before buying home theater systems and/or components.

About My Business

Central Valley Entertainment Systems (CVES) is committed to providing the absolute best customer service to businesses in Fresno and the rest of the San Joaquin Valley. CVES has extensive experience advising local merchants on which satellite TV systems and equipment would best serve their specific needs with honest information and efficient installations and service.

Dealing with CVES offers several benefits to your company. First, although we provide the same quality Dish Network and DirecTV services (and prices) as a 1-800 call center, we are a local dealer with an office in Fresno. Our employees live in the community and always make an effort to support local businesses, knowing that these businesses are the ones most likely to support ours. We pride ourselves in the relationships we have fostered over the years with other merchants, and do our best to keep our commercial clients happy.